Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stuck Together - A Book Review

Stuck Together is the third book in the Trouble in Texas series by Mary Connealy.  This story picks up where the last one ended so I would definitely recommend reading all three books in order.  The first one in the series is Swept Away and the second one is Fired Up.

In Stuck Together you will read about spunky Tina Cahill who is determined to get Broken Wheel's saloon closed down.  She has a mind of her own and doesn't back down to anyone, but she is also vulnerable and feels unlovable.  She feels like she is destined to live a life alone.  She doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere.
Vince aka "Invincible Vince" has a reputation of not letting anything stop him.  When his father shows up in town and drops off Vince's mother who seems to be losing her mind and his sister who Vince didn't even know about, his whole world gets turned upside down.  With his father being a schemer and his mom's mental problems he thinks he is destined to "inherit" their ways.  He knows he must live a life alone to keep anyone else from having to put up with what he is sure will happen to him eventually.

With everyone in Broken Wheel married off it seems that Vince and Tina are always getting thrown together.  They are both attracted to each other but since Vince won't act on his attraction Tina is convinced it is because she is unlovable.  Will either one of them ever be able to except the love that is right in front of them?

I became a fan of Mary Connealy's books with her first series "The Kinkaid Brides".  I haven't liked this series as much as that one, but it has still been entertaining.  Some of it seems a little far fetched to me and at times a little silly, but it is a fast read and I think the author has a lot of potential and I am anxious to see where her next series takes her readers!

***This book was provided to me my the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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