Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Backyard Visitor

As a homeschool mom I love those unplanned learning opportunities.  The other day we were blessed with just such an opportunity when I spied an owl through the kitchen window.  There he was perched on our old clothes line pole.  After observing him for about a half an hour and taking a ton of pictures we did some research and found out all we could about our feathered friend.  

We were blessed to see the owl turn his head completely around, clean itself and swoop down for it's supper.  

In case you are wondering it is a Barred Owl or better known as the hoot owl.  We know he is not the only one hanging around, for there are many nights we can hear him and his mate "hooting" at each other. It is awesome to hear!   

SO just a few fun facts.....The hoot owl mates for life and often reuses the same nest every year.  He is a homebody and usually stays within a few miles of his birthplace throughout his entire life which is about 10 years.   He appears to be very big.   He can be as tall as 25 inches with a wing span of 50 inches, but only weighs a little over one pound.   Pretty neat huh?!

I thank God for moments like these and when I look at such a beautiful creature as this I can't help but stand in awe of our magnificent Creator.  

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