Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's Wrap It Up

Have you ever found yourself ready to wrap a present only to find out that you are out of wrapping paper?  It has happened to me before, but guess what?!! No reason to sweat it.  Thanks to Pinterest and the awesome ideas I find there, I realized that you can use simple things you have around the house to wrap a gift and make it look super cute.  

There are tons of ideas, but the one I used this time was wrapping my gift in brown paper.  All you need is an old brown grocery bag!  I also used a little lace I had around the house and I tied some dried tansy that I had from my herb garden with a yellow ribbon.  It turned out very sweet.  The wrapping itself was a work of art!  I just may do all my gifts like this from now on. :):)

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