Monday, March 16, 2015

A Harvest of Hope - A Book Review

I am always excited to get a new "Blessing" book from Lauraine Snelling!  A Harvest of Hope is a continuation of the Bjorkland family in the town of Blessing.  I have been reading about the Bjorkland family through Lauriane's writings for years and oh how I have come to love this family.  Getting a new book is like getting a letter from home.  I can't read it fast enough!  

A Harvest of Hope is the second book in the Song of Blessing series.  One great thing about all of the series on Blessing, North Dakota is that you don't necessarily have to start at the beginning.  They work as great stand alone books, but I do think it is well worth the time to start at the beginning!  

This book starts off where book one ended.  The Bjorkland family is deeply mourning the loss of their beloved Haakan and are trying to figure out a new normal to their way of life.  Miriam, a trainee at the Blessing hospital, is also mourning the loss of her mother.  She is torn with knowing where she belongs.  Her siblings are all back in Chicago and as the oldest she feels obligated to care for them, but her heart is beginning to tie her to Blessing.  Trygve has declared his love for Miriam and she is starting to have feelings for him as well.  She is struggling with her faith and now must make some decisions for her future.  Will she choose Blessing or Chicago?  

I really can't get enough of these books and I can't wait till the next one comes out.  There is always something exciting going on in the town of Blessing and if you haven't had the pleasure of reading any of these books yet I encourage you to do so.  Not only will you enjoy reading and experiencing what life was like in the late 1800's to early 1900's you will be encouraged in your faith as well!

***This book was provided to my by Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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