Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anna's Crossing - A Book Review

If you are a fan of Amish fiction and a fan of Historical fiction I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy Anna's Crossing by Suzanne Woods Fisher.  From the very first chapter I was captivated by Anna's story.

Anna Konig is a young Amish woman who is traveling with her Amish Community from Germany to the New World aboard the "Charming Nancy" ship.  Anna has taken special care in bringing along a rose bush that was her grandmother's so she will always remember where it is she came from.  What the Amish group of travelers didn't know was that their trip was not going to be an easy one.  Storms, sickness and even death hit those on board hard and it is going to take a strong faith in God to see them through to the New World.

Bairn is the ships carpenter and is trying to forget his past.  The first encounter between Anna and Bairn is anything but pleasant, but when Anna is the only passenger who speaks English and has to interpret for the ship, things begin to change and her and Bairn are drawn together.  Through the perilous situations that they face aboard the "Charming Nancy"  Bairn  begins to question if his faith is something he should leave in his past or not.

I am a huge history buff and I love reading a fiction novel that is rich is real historic facts.  The Author of this book did an outstanding job of doing just that.  The Charming Nancy was an actual ship that carried Amish immigrants to the New World.  Anna's Crossing is the type of book that brings history alive and helps you see what type of challenges the people aboard the ship may have faced.  

***This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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