Friday, March 27, 2015

Finding Me - A Book Review

Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman is a contemporary fiction novel filled with a lot of mystery.

Kelly grew up having a close relationship with her father, but after a tragic automobile accident that kills both her father and step mother, she finds herself wondering if she ever really knew this man she called dad.  As Kelly begins sorting through her fathers belongings she soon discovers that her dad had been covering up a huge secret concerning Kelly.  She quickly realizes that her whole life has been based on lies and the family that she thought she had lost in a fire are all alive and well and living in Tennessee.  The more she digs into her past the more she realizes that she doesn't really know who she is.  She was born as Darcy not Kelly and her mom and siblings think that Darcy and her dad were killed in a boating accident.  Kelly wants to find out why her dad faked their deaths, why he left his wife and other children and why he had lied to her for all these years.  To find out the truth and to find herself she decides she must go to Tennessee and get to know these people that her father has kept her from, but she must get to know them as Kelly not Darcy.

When I first started reading this book I was a little overwhelmed with all the characters.  It was almost too much for me to sort out, but by the 3'rd or 4'th chapter I started to connect more and was soon enthralled in the mystery of this great novel.  I loved the faith aspect in the book and enjoyed the character of Beth, Kelly's biological sister.  There is a great message of forgiveness and the need of a Savior within the pages of this book.

This is the first book I've read by Kathryn Cushman and would love to read more of her writings!

I received an Advance Readers Copy of this book through Bethany House Publishing and Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.

If you are interested in reading Finding Me it will be released on April 7'th and you can pre-order it now!

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