Tuesday, March 31, 2015

For the Joy Set Before Us - A Book Review

Most of us can remember a time in our Christian life that a missionary came to our church, showed pictures on a big screen, shared stories and asked for money.  Sadly that is the extent of what most of us know of missionary work.  There is so much more to it than that and For the Joy Set Before us by Erica Fye is a great book that shares with readers real insights on the life of a missionary. 

What prompted me to get this book was the fact that my 16 year old daughter desires to be a missionary.  She has had this desire for as long as I can remember.  She has many questions, questions that I cannot always answer.  This book has been a great help to her and to myself.  It offers so many answers and challenges you to examine your life and your true motives for wanting to go into mission work.  

The author does not always paint a pretty picture of what life is like for a missionary and I feel like that is very important and it gives the reader plenty to think about.  I think that if you are willing to go wherever God leads you, you have to be prepared and know that there are going to be challenges.  It will always be worth it and doing God's work is a blessing in itself, but it is good to know what some of those challenges will be.

I love the use of scripture in this book and I think that any christian will be uplifted and encouraged while reading the book.  

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***This book was provided to me through the bookcrash blog review program in exchange for my review.

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