Sunday, July 6, 2014

All for a Sister - A Book Review

All for a Sister by Allison Pittman is the first novel I have read by this author.  It is the third book in the "All for" series but you don't need to read them in order as the only thing that is similar is the fact that they are all set in the roaring 20's.  I was excited for the chance to read this book for review.  I have never read a novel set in the 20's and thought it would be a pleasant read.  I don't like to give negative reviews but I just did not care for this book.

First of all I must say that one thing that really bugs me is when a book is classified as a "christian" novel but has a story line that is not christian material.  There are no curse words and that is good, but there are a lot of references of adultery.  I do think the story could of been written without a lot of that and it really irks me when I get a book from who I think is a christian author only to find it full of worldly sins.

Second of all, I really disliked the set up of the book.  It jumped around so much that it kept me confused most of the time.  It jumped form character to character and time period to time period.  I found it confusing when it went from past to present to past again and again.  Some of the chapters were set up like a movie script and I didn't care for that either.

Thirdly, it was fairly predictable.  I pretty much figured out where the story was going after just a few chapters and the longer I read the more I realized that there were no surprises.

The story is about Celeste and Dana who have found out that they are sisters.   Celeste's mother was an evil woman who put Dana in jail at the young age of 12 years old.  Now Dana is 32 and out of prison.  Celeste's mother has died and her inheritance has been split between the two girls.  Also left is a 100 page confession of sins and regrets.  As Celeste and Dana share their stories and begin to get to know each other a movie producers wants to make a film of their lives.  Each chapter jumps between Celeste, Dana, the producer and the mother's confession.

***This book was provided to my by Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my review.

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