Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Loving Kitchen - A Cookbook Review

The Loving Kitchen is a cookbook by food blogger Leann Rice and is chocked full of delicious recipes that your family is sure to love!  

When it comes to cookbooks I am pretty picky.  I want recipes that I will actually use with ingredients that I actually have.  Is that really too much to ask?  I think not!  The Loving Kitchen offers exactly what I always look for in a cookbook.  Not only is it full of delicious recipes with ingredients that I usually have on hand it is centered around family and God.  It has Bible scriptures throughout and little notes from the author on how to make your kitchen a loving, family atmosphere.

Extending hospitality to family and friends through the recipes you make can be a blessing to both the giver and the receiver.  This great cookbook is an awesome resource to help extend the love of God to others.  Even if the only people you cook for is your immediate family this cookbook will help you show your love and appreciation with the meals you prepare for them.

It has recipes for every course including:  Morning Fare (breakfast), Bountiful Breads, Starters and Salads, Soups and Sandwiches, Entrees, Vegetables and Sides and Desserts.  I loved all the categories but I was particularly fond of the Vegetables and Sides section and the Dessert section.  I get tired of making the same side dishes and this cookbook has some great new recipes that I know will be a hit with my family.  The dessert section has so many yummy recipes that I literally want to try them all!

I hadn't heard of Leann Rice up until I got this cookbook, but I will be looking up her blog now and her cookbook is one that I will be using for years to come!

***This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my review.

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