Monday, July 28, 2014

Captured by Love - A Book Review

Jody Hedlund has done it again!  She has captivated me with another beautifully written historic romance novel.  Captured by Love is the third book in the Michigan Bride Collection series.  You do not have to read all three books in order to know what is going on.  The one thing that the books have in common is their setting is in Michigan, however, all of these books are so great I don't think you want to skip any of them!

Captured  by Love takes place during the war of 1814 on the Mackinac island.  The British have control of the island and America wants the island.  In their attempts to gain control of the island they block supplies from coming to Mackinac.  The people of the island are starving.

Angelique lives on the island with her stepfather who is very controlling and likes to punish her by locking her in the attic.  She is betrothed to Jean but is in love with his brother Pierre.  Pierre is a fur trader and when he comes back to the island as a spy sparks begin to fly between him and Angelique.  Angelique knows that he will not stay on the island and she does not want to leave the land that she loves.  She also battles with staying true to her betrothed.

Pierre has recently come to know God, but still struggles with knowing what the right thing to do is.  He finds himself helping both the British and the Americans and soon finds out you can't ride both sides.  As the war begins and his betrayal is revealed his own life becomes endangered.

Jody Hedlund is an amazing author who knows how to paint beautiful pictures with her words.  She has such an elegant writing style!  I love the playfulness that she brought out with Pierre and Angelique and I truly felt as if I was sitting on the sidelines watching the story unfold before my very eyes.  I can't wait to see what Joday Hedlund has in store for her readers next.  Whatever it is I m sure it will be great!

***This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my review.

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