Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Bunny Update

Today we awoke to 6 new baby bunnies! That's 13 in all! WOW! Here's some pics of the new arrivals!

The other litter will be two weeks old tomorrow and they are sooo adorable!  All their eyes are opened and they are moving around and just being cute!
Now don't ya'll just want a bunny!!!


  1. It's amazing how much they change in two weeks.

  2. I simply love the little critters ..... they grow so fast ..... last year I went to the local fiber festival and fell in love with some of the angora bunnies ..... I also enjoy looking at the bunnies at the county fairs in my state .....do you sell your bunnies ?

  3. Thank you Sheila for listing my blog on the side bar of your site here .....Although i am not the most effecient computer person i do enjoy blogging and it is a way for me to give GOD all the glory HE is due ......rest well tonight .

  4. They are so cute. Cuter than baby goats, even. We hope to breed our Angora rabbits next month.

  5. Summer, this is our first time with baby bunnies. They are my kids' project and they are going to sell them. Well at least try. lol I hope we don't have any trouble. :)

    Odiie, I hope to see pictures of your baby Angora bunnies when the time comes! Angora bunnies are sooo cute!