Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Perfect Book for Country Living

I call it my country Bible. It's loaded full of so much useful information.  I am convinced that everyone that desires a simple, country life, whether you live in the country or the city, could benefit from this book.  It's like having a loving, seasoned family member that has farmed and lived off the land their whole life, to run to and ask your pressing questions about gardening, bread baking, herbs, livestock and so much more.  I keep it handy at all times and sometimes I pull it out and flip through the pages just to read, not to gain knowledge on any certain subject, but to gain knowledge in general.   Even more so, I get it out for guidance.  It was very helpful when we had our first kit of rabbits.  It helped me through raising chickens, building the coup, raising ducks and gardening.  This year I am going to plant potatoes for the first time and it's my trusty Country Living Encyclopedia that I am turning to for direction.  There was a time that I could call upon my dad, or my grandpa and glean from their knowledge, but now that they have gone on, I am so thankful that I have such a book to help me stumble thru my attempts of country living, however feeble they may be. :)


  1. Sheila, I'll have to check that book out. It's exactly what I need since I'm a beginner gardener. I also plan to get chickens soon, I'm having a problem trying to decide on "living arrangements". I've read about the chicken tractors and coops but I believe I would want a coop I could walk into. Could you give me a few recommendations? Do you have any pictures of your chicken coop, I'd like to see them if you do and maybe tell me how many chickens you have and for how long. I certainly would appreciate it.

  2. I think the chicken tractors are awesome, but I like having one to walk into as well and if you have the means to build that kind I would. Unless you are going to let them do alot of free ranging then I would recommend including a good run for them. I love letting them free range but they also will destroy your flowers. :( I don't have chickens now. I had 5 and that was a perfect number for us. The bad thing was that we ended up with 2 roosters. One of the hens was not a hen after all. lol It was okay after a while, they fought some, but soon developed a pecking order. We had plenty of eggs and nothing says country like chickens! I'd like to try some cornish hens sometime for the meat, but probably not this year. I'll have to look and see if we have any pictures of the coop. Right now we are using it for baby rabbits when they are old enough to be away from their momma's and before we sell them.