Monday, March 7, 2011

My Dad

Nine years ago today, God called my dad home.  I still miss him like crazy, but I know how blessed I am to have had a dad like him.  It was the year he died that I came to the Lord, repented of my sins, and accepted the gift of salvation.  I know my dad would be so proud, for he prayed many a prayer for me.  I know one day I will see him again and he will know that his prayers were answered..  For now I have so many memories to cherish, for he really was a great dad and a great man. 

1.  He was a man of God. 
2.  He was a pastor.
3.  He loved God.
3.  He loved to be outside, working in the yard.
4.  When working outside, he wore thick, ugly elastic suspenders.
5.  He loved to fish...with me.
6.  He didn't talk negative about other people.
7.  He lived many days in pain, due to back problems, but never complained.
8.  He loved my momma with all his heart, and the look of worry on his face when she was sick let us all know he would be lost without her.
9.  He was a hard worker.
10.  He loved to listen to christian music.  Southern Gospel was his favorite.
11.  He loved his computer and his digital camera.
12.  He loved Alley Springs and telling us stories about his childhood.
13.  When he got excited he had a child like grin.
14.  He was so proud of his grandchildren.
15.  Each year we would see who would get the first homegrown tomato out of the garden.  Today, I always sit down and eat my first tomato and think of him.
16.  He loved sweet-tarts.  When I was a kid, it was always his candy of choice,
17.  For years he managed a chain of flower shops and he made beautiful floral arrangements.
18.  He cried tears of joy when his grandson was born.
19.  He loved animals.  Especially his dog Lady.
20.  He gave the best hugs.
21.  It made him so happy to have his family together.
22.  He always had a toothpick in his mouth.
23.  He ate cereal standing up in the kitchen like he was in a hurry.
24.  After he brushed his teeth on Sunday mornings he would give kisses to his family.
25.  He spent a lot of time studying the word of God.

I love and miss you dad!


  1. Sheila .....Your dad was an honorable man just as my mom was a wonderful woman....A GODLY woman who was not afraid of life and its burdens as she took each day as if it were her last until she also went home to be with the LORD on March 17th, 1992 .....We all miss her dearly and celebrate her life whenever we think of her....I know you will do the same this day for your Dad.....Have a blessed day !!