Monday, March 14, 2011

Weather we like it or not

Where can you wake up to 4 inches of snow on Monday and expect temperatures to be in the 70's on Thursday.  That's right....Missouri!

Today we woke up to a winter wonderland.  It was a very wet snow so it clung to all the trees and every other object standing, making for a truly beautiful sight. 

It may of been beautiful but I cannot wait till Thursday to enjoy some warm weather.  Me and the kids are planning a trip to the park to enjoy the beautiful day.

A day or two ago I noticed that the crocus' were blooming.  So even though we are covered in snow, it is a nice reminder that spring really is on its way!!


  1. I really like the crocus in the snow. I love the color, that shade of yellow is my favorite.

  2. Hello Sheila ,Those poor little flowers must be so chilly without their coats on ....Aren't you just so ready for spring ?....prayerfully you are having a good day .....I'm busy in the kitchen today baking for a group of ladies at the local nursing facility....Pray that I get the baking done and that it tastes Mmmmm Mmmmm good

  3. Hello!
    I reaaaally love your blog. I was reading over some of your other posts & am so inspired!