Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Garden Apron

I was feeling creative today and decided to make an apron especially for gardening.

What attire says "garden" better than overalls! 

A while back I purchased a denim overall jumper at a second hand store for $1.50 and today I repurposed it into my garden apron. 

Since I am a girly girl I had to add a few ribbons and bows! 
 And of course I saved some matching ribbon to wear in my hair!

I love the way it turned out.  It has tons of pockets for holding  garden gloves, seeds, small gardening tools, and anything else I have a mind to put in there. 

It took me less than an hour to make and cost me less than $2.00.  That's my kinda project! 

Now if we can just get some warmer weather so I can use it!

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